Monday, September 23, 2013

Meetings and Hang-ups

Today I led a committee meeting at our regional office.  It is hard to come up with a good meeting time when 6 of the participants are ministers.  Our topic is church growth, and when I first went on the committee the meetings were excruciatingly long and nothing was ever accomplished.  We all tended to arrive late.  I took over last spring, and we are now making exciting plans.  It is really a good committee, and I've turned them loose to come up with creative ways to encourage growth among our congregations.  Members are now arriving early, and there is an energy in the room that I love-- which is something for a bunch of ministers on a Monday morning. 

Daughter hung up on me this morning.  She had decided that the only way to stop herself from sneaking food was to stop eating anything at all.  I told her that when she was done being dramatic I was willing to help her problem solve on this.  She informed me she wasn't being dramatic, said good-bye, and hung up.  I haven't heard from her since then.  I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.  I predict she'll be calling and apologizing by this evening. 

I still haven't heard anything from Home Owner about telling Daughter her consequences.  I'm getting more than a little frustrated by that.  Now I have to go get ready for this evening's board meeting. 

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