Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One of the saints was sitting in the office this morning.  He'd come to do a project outside.  It was hot, and he was debating waiting until another day.  Instead he went to my house and fixed my garbage disposal.  He is going to mow my back yard.  I am grateful.  Those things were really stressing me out, and it's a wonderful weight off my shoulders. 

I'm beginning a new class this evening on contemplative prayer.  I have no idea how many people to expect.  I asked people to register, and about 10 did.  Today I've heard from 5 more who are planning to attend.  I hope I have enough books.  I hope the attendance is that good. 

I still have some personal business items hanging over my head.  I'm going to address them tomorrow morning.  I tried to deal with two late this afternoon, but couldn't make the phone connections.  I'll keep trying....

The good news is that the discussed updates are moving forward on the website, Sunday's sermon is coming along nicely, and it will begin to cool off tomorrow, for which I'm very grateful.  By the time I finished mowing the front lawn yesterday evening, the heat was really getting to me-- and it was almost dark. 

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