Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I had a regional meeting today for our denomination.  I got to worship without any responsibilities.  I sat with Sister Best Friend, and she helped me write a verse for a hymn for Sunday.  I got some other work done as well.  The host pastor kindly shared their Wi-Fi password.  He said he'd had more questions about that than the location of the restrooms.  This one was only 45 minutes away, which was nice.  As meetings go, it went pretty well.  There was one call I didn't answer-- I don't know if it was Daughter or not.  It's a definite possibility.  Whoever it was didn't leave a voice mail.  One blessing from today was a chance to talk to a woman who was in a new pastor group with me over 25 years ago.  We were in different states then, and somehow ended up here in the same region.  There is going to be a reunion of people who were in the new pastors' programs in November, and I think I may go, especially if I can hitch a ride with her.  It will be interesting to see what became of our group. 

Tonight I have our peer group retreat.  Of the 6 of us in this peer group, one was preaching today, two did a presentation, and two of us were involved in leading discussion groups after lunch.  That leaves just one who didn't have any leadership responsibilities today.  I truly am blessed with the people who are in my peer group.  They are good friends and have much wisdom to share. 

I spoke to Administrative Assistant twice today, and sent some emails in between.  It was another busy morning in the office, but this afternoon she had time to work ahead on one project.  I shared my latest schemes for Advent, and once again she was encouraging me, not reining me in.  I told her she's supposed to slow me down, not egg me on.  She just laughed.  It's one of the reasons we work so well together.  We feed on one another's ideas. 

I'm looking forward to 18 hours away to enjoy fellowship and reflect on ministry.  I need that time, and I treasure it.   Attending something like that is one of the gifts of Daughter living in a group home. 

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