Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weighing Needs

Well, when I wrote my last post the plan was I would stay here a few more days. I've now decided I will head home tomorrow, as planned. Mom is okay for now. I know I'm going to have to come back at some point, and I need to go home and work while I can. Lent starts Wednesday, and that is always a busy time. I'm excited by plans we've made, and want to be there for that.
I also need to get Daughter back into her routine. Dad is having a rough night. He's having leg cramps, and is a little confused. He hasn't gone to bed, but is sitting forward in his recliner. I told him he needed to either get into bed or sit back in the chair before he fell and hurt himself. He's sitting forward, head on his hand, sleeping and moaning. Poor Daughter. She's right behind him on the couch, and I'm sure his moans are disturbing to her. I put a heating pad on his cramping muscles, but it fell off when he sat up.
I've tried bribing him with the promise of a reheated heating pad (it's one that heats up in the microwave, but so far that isn't working.) I'm glad we have live in help for him beginning tomorrow.

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