Monday, February 16, 2009

Dad's Apartment

We're now in Dad's apartment. Dad has gone to bed, Daughter has gone to Sister's, and I'm alone with Dad's new flat screen TV. He's in a little bit better shape than I anticipated, but he's definitely weak. He wanted a wheel chair to get from his room to the car, and a wheel chair to get to his apartment.

The Sisters have been amused today by the bridal couple's attempts to figure out seating for the wedding reception. They are making it very complicated. All of the suggestions we have offered are rejected, of course. Future Sister-in-law has been consulting with 15 year old Niece about the situation. We think FS is intimidated by the Sisters. Of course, her mother is my age. We don't think she's comfortable with having a sister her mother's age.

What FS doesn't realize is that Niece is aware of everything that is going on the whole time she is playing innocent in her text message conversation with FS. I have to say, Far Away Sister is doing a wonderful job of training her daughter. I've been entertaining Dad with stories of some of the goings on. We've decided the best way to survive this weekend is to find the humor in the whole situation.
Tomorrow will be a busy day for Dad. We'll see how he tolerates it. Today I think he may live to see the wedding. We'll see what his doctor says tomorrow.

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Torina said...

I am glad he is doing better than you expected. I hope he rallies!