Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Day

Yesterday the power of attorney, will, and trust documents all were signed. Dad was very pleased with them. Far Away Sister and I had gone over the provisions very carefully, and assured that Mom would be taken care of. It was a stressful day, as we waited for reports on how the legal paperwork was going. Our kids have felt neglected, because we have been so focused on this that we've not had as much time for them.
I can't begin to describe the relief we felt once we knew that all the paperwork had been signed, and Mom and Dad's assets were safe from UB. UB showed up during the signing, so Dad had the attorney explain the seriousness of what had been done (felony, 10+ years in prison). The sad thing is, we're still not sure UB gets it.
I didn't talk to Dad yesterday. I called, but he didn't answer the phone. I'm sure he had to be relieved and exhausted. I'm sure I'll talk to him some time today. We think he is sounding better, and we are wondering if part of his decline was related to the stress of the problems with UB. He now knows that UB can't pressure him for more loans, and we've assured him he has enough money to provide for Mom's care. I think those two issues were really weighing on him. He has lost a great deal in the stock market, but he still has plenty to meet their needs. The other day I told him he should be proud of the way he had managed his money over the years and what he had to show for it. Far Away Sister and I have been telling him the same thing, and I think he's hearing us.
Today I'm going to dig in to the church stuff. I'm terribly behind, and have several letters to write and quite a bit of work to do on Lenten worship plans. I think I will be more productive and less grouchy now that we have the safeguards we need to keep Mom and Dad safe.

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