Monday, February 9, 2009


Far Away Sister is working on a snapfish photo album for our parents. She has asked each of us to upload pictures for the album. I've been procrastinating, but today I sat down and scanned a bunch of old photos. It brought back lots of memories.
Daughter and I have had a number of interesting vacations. We've been to the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains, and various spots in the upper Great Lakes region.
Daughter has a beautiful smile.
She really was little once.
She isn't little any more. In fact, she's at least 4 inches taller than I am.
There have been many happy times. There have been challenges, and her mental illness continues to create challenges, but there is also much joy in our lives together.
I'm very grateful to have her in my life.
Today was one of those days when she was dealing with less happy memories. I had four phone calls from her between the time the bus picked her up at 8:15 and I picked her up to go see the psychiatrist at 1:45. She was stressing big time about J, who has gone back to inappropriate touching at the workshop. She reported it right away, but she just doesn't feel safe there. She doesn't think they are taking her concerns seriously. I tend to agree with her on that. They just don't get it. Psychiatrist asked today if there is another workshop she could attend. No. This is the only option in our county. I spent some time over supper at Arby's helping her see the differences between the situation with J and her birth family. I'm going to have another conversation with her case manager tomorrow. While the situation is made more critical for Daughter because of her PTSD, it is not appropriate for J to be touching any women at the workshop. I don't understand why the staff at the workshop doesn't get that and doesn't enforce that. What he is doing is contrary to their rules. Am I expecting too much?


Linda B. said...

Oh no you aren't! Nobody should be allowed to touch anyone without that persons permission. Never. I would raise a stink about this. I imagine it is very hard for daughter to understand the differences of touch when she has ptsd concerning it. Instant anxiety and panic. Kudos to her for talking to you about it and to you too for asking for opinions when not quite sure. I used to be able to know what the right action was when it came to my kids, now I am always second guessing my decisions!

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Linda. I will call today. I get really tired of taking on the workshop. They really don't get it. I have also found that organizations around here don't know what to do with me. They aren't used to assertive parents. I try to choose my battles wisely.

Reverend Mom said...
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