Friday, February 13, 2009

On a Brighter Note

Dad continues to decline. Today he didn't go down to physical therapy. We're now wondering if he will live until Far Away Sister and her family arrive on Thursday. But enough of the grim stuff.
Last Sunday Daughter gave me a letter she had written for my birthday. I'm going to correct her spelling errors and share with you what she wrote. I'm not going to correct her grammar. Oh, and just because I've moved away from the grim stuff doesn't mean this won't make you cry! My story of how she came to live with me can be found here.
Dear Mama Bear,
When I came home from the hospital of being born I was glad to get home. As soon as I got home everything went wrong. So I wonder if there was an angel, it would send someone to come and save me. When you came to my house, I was scared at first because I did not know you right then. You took me in because I was fragile and a child of God. I had been your foster child for a long time. When April 17, 1985 came, I end up getting adopted by someone that was sent to me from God.
You had taught me so much that I am grateful. I am glad that you had save me from harm's way. You had given me a family that knew the meaning of love, care, happiness, knowledge, hope, faith, forgiveness, courage, and believing. I can keep going living in faith and living my life the way it should be lived. I love you mom and I could not have ask for a better mom than you.
When I am down, you help me up and you comfort me. When I am scared, you know what to say at the right time. I love you so much mom that I do not want bad things to happen to you because we work together as a good team.
Love Always,


Torina said...

Wow. That is an amazing letter to you. What a gift.

maeve said...

I've printed DD's writing for Kara. I think she might remember your DD from other places. I think these two girls might help one another. If so, or, if not, we need to try.

In any case, I'm keeping watch on your journey. Let us know how you are. I hope this works out as it should.


Reverend Mom said...

Torina and Maeve,
I hope you will both receive similar letters someday.

Daughter still mentions meeting Kara at times. She remembers. You two be kind and patient with each other this weekend.