Monday, February 23, 2009

Daughter and the Chaos

Daughter is doing amazingly well amid all the chaos and uncertainty. She's had a few bouts of tears, but has come to me for comfort and gone on. At the wedding reception, we were seated at different tables. She walked by me with her plate of food so I could count carbs and tell her how much insulin to take. She brought me a piece of cake (and herself one, as well), and I didn't see her again until after 11:00 when she came up to bed. She spent most of the night dancing. She was I was given the honor of leaving the reception early to go up and stay with 4 year old niece.
She will be helpful today as we get ready to leave. Yesterday she did something for Dad, and he said, "Thank you. What would I do without you?" She said, "That's why we need to move closer to you Granddad."
Once Dad finally moved out of his recliner and into bed (after midnight), he slept through the night. He's in the kitchen now, sleeping in his chair. His confusion is increasing. I suspect it's from the diminished oxygen flow with his congestive heart failure. He's asked about Mom several times. She did well last night and is down for tests this morning. They gave her a busy board to keep her occupied, and the nurse told Sister she thought she'd have to pry it out of her hands. We'll take her baby doll to her today and Far Away Sister will deliver the book to her. (If you follow the link, the book is mentioned in the last paragraph). Brother is at the hospital now, and will be arranging for volunteers to stay with her through the day so they don't have to restrain her. Mom is down for testing. Hopefully they will be able to complete the testing quickly and get her back over to the cottage.
None of us are moving very quickly this morning. I need to get dressed and get moving, and hopefully that will get daughter moving, as well.

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