Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Naming the Fear

So today I picked up Daughter and took her to see Therapist. I briefed Therapist, and then we brought Daughter in. She wanted me to stay. We talked about about J and the situation at the workshop. She seemed to think all of that was resolved to her satisfaction. She wasn't able to give a reason for her repeated phone calls to me during the day. So, I made a suggestion. I suggested the real issue was her fear about Granddad's death, and it was just easier to say she was afraid because of J or whatever else that to talk about her fears regarding Granddad. She grinned, and and announced that I had caught her red handed. We were able to talk about how unfair it was that she was telling J she was afraid of him when that wasn't the case.
We also talked about the only family death she has experienced, that of my Grandmother about 10 years ago. I think she's in a better place right now. At least I hope she is. She didn't call me after I dropped her back off at the workshop this afternoon. That is progress, as she's been calling quite frequently the last several days.
I'm trying to get things ready so that things will be covered if I have to leave suddenly for Dad's funeral. I hate being away from my congregation during Lent, which begins February 25, but it looks like I will be away from them for at least awhile. I don't see Dad making it until Easter. But, as I always remind people, we can't predict life and death. Only God knows how much time Dad has left.

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