Saturday, February 7, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

I called Sister last night and asked her if I should be worried. Daughter had talked to Sister about her latest project, which involved kicking me out of my bedroom for a couple of nights. Tomorrow is my birthday, and Daughter is doing something in my bedroom for me. She moved my alarm clock, cpap machine, pillow, and clothes for today and tomorrow into the guest room, and informed me I could sleep there. I rejected the idea of sleeping in a recliner or on the couch.
We went to Walmart last night, and while I got groceries, she did some shopping. She came out with a bag and some kind of linen in a zipped bag. It was dark, and I didn't look too closely, so I'm not sure what it was or what it looked like. She spent hours in my room last night. It's unusual for her to stick to something that long, and she has been back in there today. Now she is on the computer, emailing Sister and working on another part of her project. I'm not allowed to look, of course.
I woke up cold a couple of times last night. The comforter in the guest room is satin, and it kept sliding off the bed-- maybe helped by Cat or Kitten. I'm very curious, a little amused, and slightly frustrated. Daughter has never kept a secret for this long, and has never stuck with a project this well. Sister assured me it didn't involve paint or wallpaper, but beyond that, I'm clueless.
I keep trying to convince Daughter that she should let me sleep in my own bed tonight so that I wake up on my birthday in my own room. So far it's not working, in fact, now she's saying I may not be able to go in until tomorrow afternoon. I think she is getting a perverse pleasure out of this, and I confess to enjoying it a bit myself! I've really been dragging, and this has been a nice boost. The only problem is, she's going to expect something equally elaborate for her birthday next month!


Torina said...

Blogger just ate my comment so sorry if you get this twice!

That is so fun! I can't wait to hear what she does for you! I am impressed by the amount of time she is spending on it.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Torina. Eventually I'm going to get my phone and my computer back on speaking terms so I can post pictures. She really did do a wonderful job of celebrating my birthday. I'm blessed to have her in my life.