Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is the first picture I've posted that has the possibility of revealing identity. It was the one part of the wedding festivities that made me cry: the mother-son dance. Brother is the youngest, and the only son. Mom was clinging to him, even after the music stopped. They danced to Red River Valley because Brother remembers Mom singing that song a lot. He decided it was preferable to "the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out..." which was another of her favorites.

Daughter is frustrated because she doesn't think the rest of us are upset enough about Dad's declining health and Mom's hospitalization. We went out for supper tonight because we were in town for an appointment and errands. I explained to her that we are sad about those things, but we are choosing to focus on the positive. Sister said Mom was the clearest and most alert she's seen her in about a year today. We are chuckling, because yesterday evening Sister-in-law was with her at supper time, and told her she couldn't eat her chocolate dessert until she'd eaten the rest of the meal. Mom told her to go to hell.

We're celebrating because Dad agreed to have live-in help, which means that we know he's safe. We're pleased that he was able to enjoy time with his niece and nephew this past weekend.

I'm delighted that I got to know my niece and nephew a bit better. Nephew is going to be the opening illustration in Sunday's sermon. He burst into the apartment holding his forehead and in pain yesterday, and with Far Away Sister rushed to the sink. He reappeared with wet hair and a look of relief. He had been holding a wet wrapper from Big Red gum to his forehead, which apparently causes pain. He did it not once, but twice, and as a result was in pain.

I'm grieving as my father's life slips away. But that's not the focus of my life right now. There are good things going on, and I can see God at work in my life. In the midst of the stress, I will celebrate God's presence and rejoice in the little things.

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