Thursday, February 12, 2009


Far Away Sister and I have both decided that we need to take appropriate clothes for a funeral when we pack for Brother's wedding on the 21st. Dad was in to see the doctor today. Even with the increase in diuretic he has gained 2 pounds. We don't think that is a good sign. The doctor added another drug to boost the diuretic, and wants to see him again on Tuesday. I'll get to take him to that appointment. Far Away Sister thinks Dad will be alive when she arrives in a week, but has decided they will go straight to Dad's apartment from the airport. I think she's right, because he's going to want to see her two kids. We aren't sure he'll live to see the wedding.
It's going to be hard on Brother, for a variety of reasons. Daughter is also struggling big time right now. I find that I'm on edge, and not as patient as I normally am. When I opened the phone bills for the church and the parsonage on Tuesday, I discovered that each one had a $30 charge on it for an internet service we hadn't authorized. It was provided by a separate company, so I called, and they quickly agreed to block the service and issue a credit, but said it could take 30-90 days for the credit to appear. I was given a confirmation number, and told we'd need to talk to the phone company and give them the confirmation number if we didn't want to pay the bill. I carefully wrote all this down and called the treasurer and left her a message. So today the financial secretary comes storming into the office with the bills and my note in hand and demands to know who authorized these additional services. Secretary and I both assured her that no one had authorized them.
She then went out and made lots of phone calls and called me back. She told me that they had a recording of someone authorizing the services. I again assured her that when we get those calls, I say, "We don't want any changes to our phone service," and hang up. I don't like being accused, and don't appreciate having to explain something twice after I've already explained it in a long note. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but today it did. I just don't have the patience for this stuff right now.


maeve said...

I'm reading and wishing I could be somewhat closer to support you. This must be so difficult. M.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Maeve. Just keep sending good thoughts.