Friday, February 6, 2009

The Latest Get Rich Scheme

Yesterday Daughter informed me she was going to go clean the guest/storage room. I'm certainly not going to object to that endeavor, though I suspected there was more to it than a sudden desire to see a room with a door that is always closed cleaned. I continued what I was doing. In time, she came back to ask for help. I told her I would do that, but not right at that moment.
Then she announced she had big plans for the room. Again I didn't bite.
She informed me that she wanted to start making things with fabric and using the sewing machine. I didn't take the bait.
She informed me she was going to turn the guest room into a store. I told her that wasn't going to happen. She was welcome to clean it and make use of the sewing machine, but she wasn't going to open a store in our home. She wandered off, all interest gone.
I am willing to help her sew, but past experience has been that she doesn't have the patience to follow directions or do it correctly. For Christmas of 2007, she was going to make pillows out of fabric for everybody in the family. I bought the supplies she needed and told her how to do it. She couldn't/wouldn't sew a straight line with the machine. I sewed them up for her and showed her how to turn them right side out, stuff them, and sew up the opening. She used 5 stitches to sew up a 4 inch hole, and informed me I was too picky when I told her that was unacceptable. In the end. She stuffed the pillows. I did everything else. She gave them to people for Christmas, boasting about how she had made them.
She has lots of big plans, but never seems to be able to follow through on them. I've learned over the years to set preconditions on any scheme that is going to cost me money. If she does so and so, I will negotiate with her regarding her plans. She seldom even attempts to do whatever it is I have asked.
I keep hoping. At least this time she was asking for the equipment to make a DVD of her singing (off key) and dancing so she could sell it and become famous. She also hasn't told me lately that her career goal is to be on Dancing with the Stars. I guess that is progress. Maybe someday she will make something with fabric. I will keep hoping.

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