Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coping with Grief

Daughter is struggling with all that is going on in the family. Her blood sugars have been high for the past couple of days. She started out high this morning, in part because she was up eating through the night. She stayed home today to help with the senior luncheon. She was dragging most of the day.
At the Ash Wednesday service this evening, she was to lead a responsive prayer. She couldn't get through it. When I went up to help her, she was shaking all over. I put my arm around her and finished the prayer for her. She sat down and checked her blood sugar. I saw her write the number in her book, and then she disappeared into the restroom. I assumed her blood sugar wasn't low, as she didn't immediately grab a snack.
As soon as the service was over, I followed her into the restroom. She was sitting there sobbing. She says the voices are back and she can't sleep. I know she's stressed. I understand the feeling. I'm continuously tired. She wants to stay home with me the rest of the week. I don't think that's the best option for her, but I told her we'd talk about it tomorrow.
I spent part of this morning on the phone trying to figure out how we'll get Dad to his doctor's appointment on Friday. Sister was going to ask Sister-in-law if she could do it. I haven't heard how that went. When I talked to Dad today, he sounded a bit better. As I regularly tell my people, none of us can predict life and death, and every so often God has to remind me of that. Dad's ups and downs are certainly serving as a reminder of that reality.

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