Friday, February 20, 2009

Major Decisions

The private duty homemaker started today. The nurse supervisor came as well. We left and the nurse talked to Dad. Sister and I were amazed-- Dad agreed to a live in caregiver starting on Monday, and has said he doesn't want to go to any part of the wedding-- rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding or reception. I was really surprised by that. He'd like to try for the brunch on Sunday, but may not make that.
I know Brother is disappointed, but Dad is just so weak right now that he'd have a difficult time managing any of it. I am very relieved he agreed to live in help. I was really concerned about leaving on Monday and him being here alone. Of course, there's no guarantee he'll even make it to Monday. Sister thought he perked up after he made the decisions. We think this has been weighing heavily on him. Far Away Sister and her family are headed back in this direction. She needs to gather more paper work and get the information she needs to do his taxes. Last year I did them, and I am very glad I won't have to deal with them this year. She met with his investment counselor today, and he's no longer carrying a huge amount in his bank accounts, which is good.
I'm sorry he won't be able to be at the wedding. I hope Brother at least comes to see him before he dies. I fear Brother is really going to struggle with guilt following Dad's death. We have warned him, but we can't force him to attend to Dad. Far Away Sister offered to call him and hang up on him again-- that's what got him to get a wheelchair for Dad and come see him this week.

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