Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Picture and a New Stress

My blackberry and computer still aren't on speaking terms, but here's a picture Daughter took with the digital camera of my redone bedroom. You will notice the new comforter and if you look closely, you can see a beaded ribbon on the lampshades.

Sister called the social worker at the nursing home Dad is at about discharge planning. She said he could benefit from additional therapy, but was always pushing to get home quickly. So, his daughters decided we should try to convince him to stay a few more days, thinking that then he would be stronger and better able to cope with the wedding. He didn't like that idea. At all. Far Away Sister just called, and Dad had told her he doesn't need to be strong when he goes home, because I'll be there to take care of him. She thought I should be warned. She thinks he recognizes he's dying and isn't going to get any stronger. He's asked for a wheelchair for the wedding. I think she's right.

The plan right now is that I will drive up Monday and pick him up and take him back to his apartment. Daughter and I will stay with him and I will sort through paperwork and gather the things Far Away Sister needs for the trust and such. We'll get home care set up for him, and take him over to see Mom every day. Friday the cousins arrive and we hope we'll get to see them at the rehearsal dinner. Saturday is Brother's wedding, and Sunday we hope to all go out to brunch. Hopefully Daughter and I will be able to come home Sunday afternoon. All of that is assuming Dad is still alive. We don't think he will last long after the wedding, if he makes it to the wedding.

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Torina said...

I love the lamps! She did such a nice job with your room! What a sweetie.

I hope your dad isn't suffering and is able to make it to the wedding. Take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you.