Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Reveal

I think Daughter watches too much HGTV. Today she showed me my new room. She had purchased a new comforter, put a ribbon with beads on it around the bottom of the lampshades, and put a variety of family pictures is a frame she put on the nightstand. It was very nice. Unfortunately, our local store didn't have the comforter she picked out on line, and from her description, I probably would have liked that one better, but she did a very nice job and was very proud of her work. I'll upload pictures later. Right now my computer and cell phone are not on speaking terms. I'll mediate between them later.
I've had birthday calls from all of my siblings today, and also from my Dad, who had forgotten my birthday until Brother reminded him. Dad also was adding a couple of years on to my age. Brother was asking me how old I am. Men just aren't good at that kind of thing, I guess.
Dad is looking forward to getting home a week from tomorrow. He wanted to go home earlier, but I convinced him to wait until I get there. We're going to have to get in home services set up for him. I also get to go see a nurse evaluate Mom for the long term care insurance company. I guess they are hoping she will miraculously have regained the ability to live independently. Sister was there the last time they did an evaluation. She said it was very brief, as Mom couldn't answer any of her questions when she tried to evaluate her mental status. That certainly hasn't improved. I don't think I got a single word out of her last time I was there.
Tonight I have youth group. We have some planning to do. They are also going to help me celebrate my birthday. I think I may try to recruit them to be readers for our Ash Wednesday service.
This has been a rough week for me. While it's been hard dealing with Dad's deteriorating health, it has been even harder dealing with Unauthorized Borrower. The pain and sense of betrayal continues. Healing the relationships will take time, and until then, contact and family gatherings will be difficult. With Brother's wedding coming up, that just increases the stress and the pain.
My hope and prayer is that Unauthorized Borrower will be able to make peace with Dad before Dad's death. I don't think Dad has much time left, and there is much healing to be done in that relationship.


Rose Adoption Journey said...

Happy Birthday!

Reverend Mom said...

Thank you! It was truly a wonderful day.