Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Delightful Evening

Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have text messaging on my cell. Then I got a call that I was going to have a huge bill because of all the texting when Dad was last in the hospital. They suggested I sign up for text messaging and they'd make it retroactive to cover all those texts. So tonight my teenage niece and nephew (Far Away Sister's 2 kids) started texting me about Dad and this weekend. This text messaging rookie was carrying on 2 conversations at once.
We were plotting our escape from the wedding reception (how sad is it that Niece and Nephew are not looking forward to their uncle's wedding?). We were considering what games to bring for entertainment. Far Away Sister (who was driving, and therefore not texting) suggested we move the place cards around on the out-law family tables. I suggested she was devious, Nephew agreed. It was just fun. I needed fun. I thanked them for teaching a rookie how to text.
Dad finally woke up after sleeping for over 3 hours. He came out to his recliner and fell back to sleep. He woke up occasionally, but slept most of the time. When he was awake he tried to tell me that he was feeling great, just tired. He thinks anyone would have been tired after getting his hair cut, visiting his wife, picking up his tux, and eating lunch, using a wheelchair for most of the movement. Tonight he told me he's looking forward to getting his own wheelchair and the aide coming to help him shower tomorrow. A month ago he insisted he didn't need help with his showers and wouldn't have considered getting a wheelchair.
So the text conversations with Niece and Nephew were a wonderful escape. I'm grateful. It will be great to see them tomorrow.

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