Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have not accomplished all the goals I set to improve the balance in my life.  What I have come to understand, though, is that incremental change is still change, and it will build.  So I'm more faithful in using my prayer space and writing in my journal.  I'm keeping the house clean, which enables me to host the day camp staff for supper without too much extra work. I'm celebrating that progress

The next incremental changes will include diet and exercise.  I am moving forward.  I'm also dampening my parents' voices.  My mom was a perfectionist, and I'm working on silencing my inner perfectionist.  My dad was a gourmet, and stressed out over entertaining.  I'm resisting the temptation to over do Thursday evening's meal.  I don't need to make the pasta sauce, I can use the stuff in the jar.  I can keep it relatively simple.  These are young adults who've been living on camp food all summer.  They will be happy with a simple meal. 

Daughter is very excited that she gets to see them on Thursday.  She was quizzing me about the menu this morning.  I think she was satisfied with my plans.  I assured her I had everything under control.  She almost believed me.....

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