Sunday, July 1, 2012


I just broke one of my own rules, and posted a political opinion on facebook.  Someone had posted a quote by Donald Trump complaining about the Affordable Care Act.  One of his points alluded to the concern there won't be enough physicians to provide care for the people who will now have insurance.  So now an argument against it is that if my neighbor has access to life saving care I may have to wait longer to see a doctor. 

I don't think the plan is perfect.  There are many parts of it I don't like.  However, I'm willing to take an imperfect plan if it will provide access to care to my neighbors.  I don't like taxes, but I'm willing to pay higher taxes to save lives.  I am frustrated by those who refuse to acknowledge that the current system is broken, and to fix it, those of us with good insurance and incomes may have to make some sacrifices.  I think that's what Jesus would want us to do.  He made sacrifices for us, and called us to follow him.  I don't recall him saying following him meant being anti-tax and opposing programs to provide a safety net for the poor. 

I'd like to see those who are so against the plan offer an alternative.  Instead of denouncing it and opposing it, address the issues that created the need for it.  I'd love to see a better plan.  I hear the stories:  of people who stay in terrible jobs because they need the insurance, of people who can't get insurance because of a pre-existing condition, of people who can't get treatment for life threatening conditions simply because they don't have insurance and can't afford the treatment.  Yes, the uninsured can get emergency care today.  What they can't get, though, is ongoing treatment for chronic conditions.

Instead of worrying about the financial cost of this plan, let's consider the human cost of not implementing reform.  Instead of just condemning the plan, offer a better alternative.  I'm willing to live with an imperfect plan that will save lives while we search for a better alternative. 


Jane said...

From the political bigwigs who are the loudest shouters-down of the ACA, I have heard no alternate plans.

Reverend Mom said...

I've been frustrated by that. Offer an alternative.