Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Last Post

We're ready to head out now-- only the cooler left to be loaded into the car.  I'm going to let Daughter finish the movie she started, and then we'll leave.  She's been super cooperative.  This morning I was listing the things I wanted  her to do while I mowed the lawn.  I suddenly realized I was giving her a long list, and she is easily overwhelmed by that.  "Do you want me to write these down?"

"Yes!  I'm feeling like your piling things on."

While I mowed she completed the list and started on some other things, as well.  I'm glad I started on the lawn as early as I did.  It took just over an hour, and as I finished a little after 9:00, it was already 86 with a heat index much higher.  The lawn is mowed, though, and should be fine while we enjoy our camping trip. 

I'm looking forward to our week of camping.  The last two summers we weren't able to camp, in part because Daughter was wetting the bed almost every night.  She hasn't wet it since she moved out.  She commented the other day, "Well, you won't have to worry about me wetting my sleeping bag this year.  That will be nice.  She says she's looking forward to some hikes.  She knows that a day of cooperation doing the things I enjoy will get her a day doing things she wants to do.  She seemed disappointed we'd only be camping 7 nights.  I think I am, too....

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