Sunday, July 22, 2012

Perspective 2

This morning we went to worship in a sister church across town (chosen because I knew they had air conditioning).  The pastor was focusing on the peace Christ gives.  During the children's time, she read a story by Bishop Desmond Tutu.  She introduced it by explaining a little bit about Bishop Tutu and apartheid in S. Africa.  The story itself was wonderful (I just ordered a copy, and will be using it at some point in the future.)  In the course of her sermon, she mentioned the Olympics, and Jesse Owens, and the struggles he had had for acceptance.  

At lunch, Daughter was in a foul mood.  She informed me she had found the worship service to be very disturbing.  I was surprised, and asked what was disturbing about it.  She heard the explanation of apartheid and shut down.  As far as she was concerned, the whole service was racist.  Once again it's a matter of perspective.  I explained to her more about apartheid, and we looked up Jesse Owens on line, but I'm not sure she heard any of it.  I think it's hard to live in Daughter's head. 

When we got home, she helped me finish the guest room/study.  I think this is the first time it's really been clean since we moved in.  It's nice.  I love the color I selected for this room, and am looking forward to spending more time in it.  In fact, I'm sitting at the desk right now to work on my laptop-- which I believe is a first.  I'm going to be ready to jump back into things tomorrow. 

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