Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I woke up a little after 3:00 this morning, and at 4:00 I gave up on the idea of going back to sleep and got into the shower.  I was at the church a little before 7:00, and began writing the newsletter articles that came out of last night's board meeting.  I have an awesome board.  A service group is building apartments for senior citizens next to the church.  They have asked me to do a prayer at the ground breaking.  I told the board I had offered the church for a reception following the ceremony, and they asked when it would be.  When I told them, they said, "Let's do a luncheon."  People immediately volunteered to coordinate it. 

Anyway, I was at the church early, getting started on the tasks of the day.  Today Administrative Assistant was in for the first time since my vacation, and of course the stream of people stopping by to check in continued.  There are a number of things happening, and there are also a number of sick  people needing attention.  Daughter called several times.  The second time she "just wanted to talk."  I was trying to finish some things with Administrative Assistant so I could go pick up a member to call on a woman who is in rehab after a serious fall with multiple broken bones.  I told her I was busy.

She proceeded to send Sister a text telling her that since I'd gone back to work I didn't care about her anymore and didn't have time to talk to her.  Sister handled it well, telling her it was natural she'd miss me more after the extra time with me while I was on vacation.  She also reminded her I'm always busy when I first start back.  She then forwarded copies of all the texts to me.  I finished the visit (on the other side of town) and dropped off the woman a little after 5:00.  I then called Daughter.  She was not very pleasant.  I acted as though nothing was wrong.  I got home, and after a quick supper headed out to mow the lawn.  I sent Daughter a text like I always do, telling her I'd be mowing and wouldn't hear the phone, and would let her know when I was done. 

She called almost immediately.  "It's your lawn, why should I care if you're mowing it?"  I reminded her I'd promised to text her when I was mowing so she wouldn't worry if I didn't answer the phone.  She wasn't very pleasant.  I again ignored the attitude.  An hour later I texted her, "Done."  She called and apologized.  I reminded her that I don't like being this busy either.  She has an appointment with Psychiatrist in the morning, and I reminded her (several times today) that I will see her there. 

The drama was relatively minor and relatively short lived, so that's progress.  It still gets frustrating, though, when she gets surly and rebels against the limits I set on my availability through the day.  She is improving, so I'll celebrate that. 

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