Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are You Sure?

Administrative Assistant assures me we're getting lots of things done this week.  I hope she's right, because I'm sure not making much progress on the list I made.  Of course, many of the things we're getting done weren't on the list-- like figuring out who is going to lock up after day camp next week or what to do about the cleaning crew that comes on Friday.  The long conversation with the mother of a young man who is fighting (and probably losing) a battle with cancer.  The conversation about with the grandfather who worries that his grandson isn't getting the help he needs with his special needs.  Figuring out how to make sure we have enough meal for a fellowship meal this Sunday after the sign-up sheet and announcements about it were forgotten.  Working on covering the music on Sunday when we won't have a musician.  Hearing the excuses as to why the air conditioning installation still isn't complete 2 weeks after the promised date.  As she was leaving for the day (late) I asked, "Are you sure we're getting things done?"  Administrative Assistant thinks all those things count.  She's right, they do.  Unfortunately, so do the things on my to do list, which seems to be getting longer instead of shorter....  It's good to be back, even when the to do list is growing.                          

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