Saturday, July 14, 2012


We are home after a wonderful vacation.  After 3 years, it was great to be camping again.  It was a wonderful week.  Daughter did very well.  When we got home today, she was in a hurry to unload the car so she could get to her "real" home.
I'll post pictures later, but some highlights:

  • Sister and Short Niece joined us for one night.  Short Niece is a hand full, to say the least.  They left the concert early, because Short Niece was bored. 
  • We enjoyed a wonderful concert, and Daughter was able to enjoy the entire thing, and didn't ask to leave early or try to convince me she was getting sick.
  • Daughter did not get into the food while we were camping.
  • Daughter acknowledged that she enjoyed our hikes-- though they were relatively short. 
  • For most of the week, the weather was wonderful.   Thursday and Friday were a little warmer, so we spent Friday painting pottery in air conditioned comfort. 
  • Daughter was super cooperative when it came to packing up camp today. 
  • We spent a wonderful evening with a couple from the church who have a cottage in the area with a spectacular view.  They built it themselves back in the 70's.  He was a teacher, so he had the summers off, and they were able to spend all summer there. 
Apparently Sister-in-law wondered why I hadn't invited them to camp with us.  I hadn't even considered it, since they have a baby, but they bought a camper this year.  Sister and I are talking about the possibility of having all of us spend at least a weekend camping together next year.  Far Away Sister probably wouldn't come, but the rest of us could gather for a weekend.  If that happens, I will probably extend our camping time next year.  The time with Sister and Brother will be wonderful, but it won't be the relaxing, quiet time I need during my vacation. 

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