Sunday, July 15, 2012


Daughter claims she hates peppers, mushrooms, and various other things.  Friday night we went out for pizza.  I ordered the deluxe, which had mushrooms and green peppers.  Daughter protested that she hated them.  The clerk said we could go half and half on the pizza, but I assured her it was okay, Daughter would eat the peppers and mushrooms, and she did.  She didn't leave anything on her plate. 

Today, I was out working in the garden and she called.  I told her I had just found a large pepper, and sent her a picture.  She replied that it was an awesome pepper.  I pointed out that she doesn't like peppers.  Her reply was priceless.  "I have a confusion.  I do like peppers."  She meant confession, but I think confusion is appropriate....

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