Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Conference

Daughter and I arrived here at our conference late Sunday afternoon.  Daughter was so excited about being here.  She was out of the car and hugging friends before I had even turned the car off. 

Sunday evening I discovered I forgot to pack a power cord for my computer.  Since I'm teaching a class, that was a problem, as I'm heavily dependent on PowerPoint for my teaching.  After pondering a number of options, I called Administrative Assistant at home and told her I needed a huge favor.  When I told her I forgot my power cord, she just laughed.  She went in on her day off yesterday and retrieved one from my office and shipped it to me overnight mail.  It arrived this morning.  I called her to tell her how awesome she is, and she laughed, "So you got it." 

The battery gave out half way through my class yesterday, and the class let me know that they missed the PowerPoint, so last night I borrowed Sister Best Friend's computer and flash drive, and then used a class member's computer during class this morning.  It worked, but I'm glad to have my own computer up and running again.  Many people tried to loan me their power cords, but none fit.  I even offered a large bag of M&M's as a reward for the person who could provide a cord that would work.  I'll give the M&M's to AA when I drop the projector back at the church on Friday.

As always, I'm loving my time here at the conference as I visit old friends and make new ones.  The class I'm teaching is a small but amazing group, and we're having a good time wrestling with Scripture together.  Daughter is a little homesick, but that doesn't surprise me.  She's doing well and is much more independent this year.  It's great to see the growth in her.  Now it's time to go prepare for tomorrow's class....

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