Thursday, July 5, 2012


Daughter has been pretty independent this year.  This afternoon there is a basketball game between the youth and the adults.  Daughter is going to play.  She knew I had no desire to sit in a hot gym and watch, so she went to Friend and informed her that I wouldn't let her go unless Friend went to keep her safe. Friend is a special ed teacher and them other a son with diabetes.  Daughter loves her. 

Friend, of course, told me what Daughter had said.  I told her that I had told Daughter I had confidence in her ability to keep herself safe, and she didn't need anyone to go with her.  About that time Daughter comes out in the lobby, where we have been talking.  I reminded her of what I had actually said, and told her I was not happy with the lie.  She wasn't happy that I embarrassed her.  I told her she had embarrassed herself, and she needed to remember that I have spies everywhere. 

She went over to the gym to play basketball.  Friend went over to cheer all of the players on, and if Daughter has a problem, she'll be there to help.  I love living in this community for Conference.  It truly is a wonderful gift. 

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