Sunday, July 22, 2012


I shared that Daughter would have a difficult time with my back issues.  She has s decided it's time to begin looking for a nursing home for me.  She doesn't think I should live alone any more.  She is serious-- she sees me as very old and in very poor health.  She has forgotten I just spent a week camping in a tent.  She has forgotten that I've spent much of the summer working in the yard, constructing raised garden beds and filling them.  For her the only reality is that I've been having some back spasms.  She has always lived in the immediate moment, to the point that nothing else exists.  It makes life very challenging for her, and is one of the things that necessitates supervision for her.  She could make a decision in the midst of the moment that could have far reaching consequences.  I am continually trying to teach her perspective.  Yesterday she thought I was being unreasonable because I didn't think she should go out with a particular man.  I've lost count of  the number of times she has agreed to be his girlfriend, only to have it end in tears.  She assured me he'd changed, this time would be different.  I pointed out that is what she's told me every time.  She finally told him she just wanted to be friends, and he hung up on her.  Yup, he's really changed. 

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