Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation Pictures

There isn't much to blog about when life comes to a stop while I wait for a the back spasms to stop, so I thought I'd share some vacation pictures:

Our campsite.  I love having the screen house, and have a pretty nice kitchen set  up inside of it. 

Sunrise our first morning.  I was the only one up to see it, which was just fine. 

We visited a winery with Sister and Short Niece.  This was the view.

Daughter on one of the trails we hiked.

Sunset from the cabin built by some members.  We spent a delightful evening visiting them and talking over steaks and pie. 

A view on a hike.

Daughter and another view on the same hike. 

My back is feeling good enough to figure out some pictures to upload, but not good enough to do any real work yet.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

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