Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ministry with Adopted Children

This week we are having a day camp.  One family has brought their 4 adoptive sons to day camp.  The two youngest are having some behavioral issues.  I'm proud of our people, because they have been patient and supportive.  I think knowing what I go through with Daughter has helped open their eyes.  They have not complained to the mom, but of course, one of the older boys tattled.  She wasn't going to leave them today.  Our director told her that we wanted them to stay.  We have two of the counselors who have taken them on and are willing to address the behavioral issues. 

I have explained that this mom needs a break, and that their issues are not her doing.  I've warned them that this mom probably gets blamed and dumped on by the system on a regular basis.  These people are stepping up to meet the challenge in creative ways, and I'm delighted we are able to minister to these boys and their parents this week. 

I wish there had been more opportunities like that for Daughter, and more people who understood the challenges that came with being her mom.  I'm so blessed to be in ministry in this place. 

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