Friday, August 31, 2012

Pizza and Blimp

I decided we'd go out for pizza last night.  As we were driving along, I caught a glimpse of a blimp over the tree tops.  I pointed it out to Daughter, but the glimpses were brief and she has spatial issues and she never was able to find it when I  pointed it out to her.  She became rather surly, and remained that way through supper.  She insisted she had no idea what I was talking about, and it wasn't important. 

We don't live very far from the airport, so when we finished our pizza, I decided to drive over by the airport to see if I could find the blimp and show it to her.  She objected when she realized what I was doing, as she'd never recognize what I was trying to get her to see and it was stupid.  Then we turned down an access road toward the airport and she saw it.  She was quite excited.  "I've seen that on TV.  That's really cool.  Other families were stopping, too.  With tall fences we couldn't get close, but that hadn't stopped one family from lining three kids up along the fence to take a picture. 

She did apologize for her attitude later, and I told her it didn't make me eager to spend time with her.

I came into the office to do a few things this morning.  It's almost 2:00 and I'm still here.  The good news is that I will be able to take all of Monday off, and I even have fun plans (that don't include Daughter).  Because of all we've done this week, I should be able to take next Friday off, too.  It's worth spening a Friday in the office.

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