Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mama Bear

Mama Bear reappeared briefly yesterday afternoon.  There were some questions at the workshop about Daughter's diabetes care.  Daughter told me she explained some of it, and then told staff to contact me.  The staff member suggested she'd call the home with her questions, and Daughter told her the home doesn't understand and she should talk to me.  Yesterday the emails started flying. 

When we had the pre-placement meeting, the nurse and dietitian decided they didn't need to attend.  Now they're complaining we didn't do it properly.  The director of the workshop said there were two conflicting documents related to Daughter's diabetes care.  I asked to see the documents.  The nurse didn't understand my question.  Nurse decided there needed to be another meeting, and if I really wanted to attend maybe they could include me by conference call. 

When I started signing my emails and parent and guardian, I think I got their attention.  I reminded them that Daughter has a difficult time trusting others to manager her diabetes.  I suggested that if they wanted Daughter to feel safe, they'd best make sure I knew and supported the plan.  I was promised the document would be emailed to me.  Of course, that hasn't happened yet.  I may have to sharpen my claws....

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