Monday, August 6, 2012

Part of the Story

Yesterday I only shared part of the story with Daughter.  I had a delightful afternoon/evening at the home of a colleague who hosted a pool party for the area clergy and families.  It was hot enough to swim, cool enough to sit around talking.  We hadn't seen one another all summer, so it was great to catch up on news and meet the children of my colleagues.  I decided not to tell Daughter about it, as I wanted to go alone and not have her there complaining. 

She called during it, and I told her I was busy with some colleagues and would talk to her later in the evening.  I tried to deal with the call as quickly as possible so she wouldn't hear the delighted shouts of the children in the pool.  When I talked to her later in the evening, she was suspicious, "Where were you?"

"I was with some colleagues."

"Who was there?" 

I mentioned the names of some of them she knew, and told her there were others there as well.  I told her we hadn't seen one another all summer, and were catching up on the news, talking about weddings and such. 

"Oh.  I'm glad I'm at my house.  I would have been bored."

She's right, she would have been bored.  Everything I told her was true, I just neglected to mention the spouses and children who were present.  She still would have been bored, though, as most of the children were young (a total of 11, 2 were  4 years old, the oldest was 16, the majority probably in the 6-8 year old range).  I did sit around and talk shop and politics.  I had a wonderful time. 


Anonymous said...

I often share part of the story with J. If she hears all the details, she demands to go along, or is mad that she's not there. But when she DOES come, she does not seem to have a nice time. Lots of butting into conversations with "Can we go now?" and "How long are we staying?" (Of course, this is after eating a lot of whatever food is offered.) She does not seem to understand that for me, it's not the food or the pool, but the friends who are the focus. I feel truly sad for her that she does not get that. R in SL

Reverend Mom said...

Exactly what Daughter would have done. It really is sad.