Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Placement Meeting

Daughter did pretty well in the placement meeting yesterday.  She will begin going to the workshop on Mondays beginning August 27.  At the beginning of October we'll gather to assess how she's doing and consider adding additional days.  She did really well until the tour.  She saw a former boy friend in the hall, and that bothered her.  My impression of the place was that it was very chaotic.  They weren't working when we did our tour, so maybe it is better when they are actually working on not on break.  The encounter with the former boy friend provided the opportunity to tell her that part of being a responsible adult is working with people you don't like.  It goes with the territory.  She thought I loved everyone at the church.  I told her there were several people that I found annoying, and I still had to minister to them.

She was fine when I talked to her last night.  I'm sure that about the 23rd she'll start worrying about her first day.  Several of the women from her house are at this facility (there are over 100 consumers there, some working, some in what amounts to day care.)  It will be a big adjustment, and I hope she will be able to handle it.  She has grown and matured so much since she moved out, so I am cautiously optimistic....

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