Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daughter's Jealousy

Daughter was jealous of the interaction between our guests and me Thursday evening.  She was frustrated because she wasn't the center of attention, and because she didn't have my undivided attention.  So, she's been working hard to get it. 

Normally Friday is my day off, but I gave yesterday to the day camp at church.  We exchanged text messages through the day.  I've copied her messages as he wrote. 

Daughter:  Blood sugar is 95 and i fill sick to my stomach.  i ate some of it but could i come home tonight please and go back sunday afternoon?

Mom:  Not tonight.  Sorry you don't feel good.

Daughter:  Your not helping.  i need your help.  and you r not giving it to me.  you do better than any staff that i have to put up with soooo pllllllease help.

Mom:  Lots of garlic bread will upset your stomach.  You will survive.  I love you and will see you tomorrow. 

She tried calling an hour later.  I didn't answer, but sent a message that I was busy with camp.  

She called during the program with the parents, and I answered and said I was busy and would to her later.  "Fine. If I can last."

We did have several conversations in the evening, the last one 30 minutes after I sent her a text telling her I was tired and going to bed early.  I refused to listen to the plans for today, telling her I'd been asleep and would talk to her today.

Her home is going to the fair, and she wanted me to pick her up before they left.  I refused, since I needed some alone time and I knew that she'd bug me nonstop to go do things once she got here.  I told her to call after the fair, and I'd come get her.  She started to argue.  I told her she had a choice:  I'd pick her up after the fair or tomorrow morning.  She's calling when they get back from the fair. 

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