Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Ramblings on a Good Week

Today is the last day of day camp. It has been a fantastic week.  The young adults who are working as counselors are wonderful.  I had them over for supper last night, and I enjoyed our conversation so much.  They are intelligent, caring, people of faith.  Daughter was a little bit frustrated because she wasn't the center of attention.  She was a good help, though, with the final preparations.  I used real plates and silverware, so my dishwasher got a work out last night.  When I left the house this morning there were 4 chairs to take to the basement and two crock pots to put away.  I was grateful we'd done most of the work last night. 

I was tired last night, and forgot to lock up the food.  Daughter raided the refrigerator.  She confessed before I saw the high blood sugar or the missing food, which is progress.  She has matured so much, but she still has difficulties with self-control.  Her therapist recently recommended an apartment complex to me that might work for Daughter.  I don't see how she can live alone when she still can't be trusted around food....

On the 13th we will have a meeting about her starting at the sheltered workshop one day a week.  She was there for a party yesterday, and is now having second thoughts about going there.  I suspect it will be overwhelming to her at first.   I reminded her that was why she was only going to start with one day a week while she adjusts. 

It has been a productive week in the office.  Administrative Assistant and I are quite pleased with what we've accomplished.  I've got everything ready for Sunday, finishing yesterday afternoon.  It means I will really have tomorrow off-- nothing will be hanging over my head.  I'm looking forward to that, since I'm working with the day camp today.  Of course, I'll have to mow the lawn, do laundry and various other household chores, but I'll enjoy that. 

Now I'm headed out to join the campers as they make s'mores.


maeve said...

Daughter's progress is amazing! I wish there was a residential place for young people like Kara who doesn't qualify because her IQ is too "high". Between the IQ in the eighties and the terrible math learning disability and the mental health issues I'm feeling very pessimistic about her future.

Reverend Mom said...

I am SO grateful Daughter's IQ tests out at 68. It's probably higher, but this qualifies her for services.