Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Do Lists

Each day this week Administrative Assistant and I have felt like we've accomplished a great deal of work.  Yet each morning when we come in, the to do lists seem longer.  I'm not sure how that works.  The lead up to September is always crazy, and this year even more so.  In addition to the normal fall start up stuff, we're getting ready to interview candidates for a child care position.  We are getting ready to unveil a new website for the church.  Our pianist has health issues that could knock her out for the entire fall.  The woman who creates the PowerPoint for the worship service has told us she may need a couple of weeks off-- she is moving.   

Today worship leader was in the office to figure out a pianist.  The concessions coordinator came in to tell us something important (though I have no memory as to what that was).  While AA was on the phone with a pianist, the treasurer came in with a piece of paper.  "When is the newsletter deadline?" 

He has been in the office all week as we've been trying to track down articles and figure out spacing.  I looked at him in disbelief.  "Yesterday." 

He said, "Never mind.  I'll just put this in the trash." 

I took the article from him.  It was about how to join our mentoring program, which begins the year this month.  It needed to go in the newsletter.  "Did you email it so AA doesn't have to retype it?" 

"No.  I've got to run." 

He vanished before AA got off the phone.  He didn't reappear all day.  We think he was afraid to. 

The newsletter is almost done (she has to finish the table of contents tomorrow).  She had to add two pages today to get everything to fit, which meant rearranging everything she thought was complete yesterday.  (Fortunately, she is glad she added the pages, because it made it work better.)   We have a pianist for the month of September.  Interviews are set for the child care position for Tuesday evening.  The bulletin for Sunday is printed.  The liturgy for the 9th is done (we just need to figure out who is going to make the slides).  I've written most of the remaining content for the new website. 

I will go in for at least a while tomorrow.  I want to finish the sermon, and there is a registration form and commitment form that need work.  I'm afraid to mention the logo and place mat for the 9th, though I suspect AA is very aware of them. I may see if I can get the Friday morning volunteers to start printing and binding the books we're making for a class that begins September 16th.  The good news is that as we left the office today, we were still laughing, even though we both felt like our brains were fried.  We were both plotting about going out to eat tonight, as neither of us wants to cook....

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