Sunday, August 19, 2012

i Said That?

Yesterday I called a woman in the church to inform her of a death.  She had done a great deal in the past to help the deceased, but over time the relationship became very unhealthy, and attempts to set healthy boundaries had failed.  I had counseled her to end the relationship.  Yesterday I realized that this death might be hard on her, so I called so she could hear it from me and I could offer support. 

She was not surprised at the news, and told me that she knew the deceased had been ready and probably welcomed this.  She was pleased that another member had stepped up to support the man when she had to back away.  "You told me that I didn't need to worry, God would call someone else to minister to him.  You were right." 

I have no memory of saying that.  It seems like it was exactly what she needed to hear, and had allowed her to let go and move on.  I'm always surprised and pleased when someone quotes back something I have no memory of saying.  It's nice to know that I have been a channel of God's healing and that the Holy Spirit was able to speak through me to address a need.  It's always a little freaky to find out that they have held on so tight to words I don't even remember saying. 

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