Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Don't Think So

Daughter called this morning.  She had figured out a fun activity for us today.  I could take her to the mall and pay somebody to braid her hair.  She was quite offended when I said no.  Some of the staff members at her house have put beautiful corn rows in her hair.  She won't leave them in because her scalp gets irritated.  Why am I going to pay someone to do what staff will do for free?  Especially since she won't leave them in? 

She informed me she didn't want to just come hang out at the house.  It's boring.  I have a lawn to mow, tomatoes to preserve, and various other activities to keep me busy today.  I intend to stay home and watch football this evening.  Since her mood was rather surly, I think I'll let her stay at her house today.  I may be willing to pick her up for church in the morning.  I might even be willing to do something with her tomorrow afternoon.  I no longer have to deal with attitude, though, and I'm not going to. 

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