Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Laugh or to Cry

Administrative Assistant and I walked out together today.  I wanted to go the grocery store, and I was taking advantage of a day with no evening commitments.  I was quite proud of myself.  I had remembered my cell phone, which I forget at least 3 times a week.  I'd remembered the lunch box I left at the church yesterday.  I was quite proud of myself, until I realized my fanny pack with my wallet in it was still in my study.  So once again, I pulled around and parked by the door and ran in to pick up something I'd forgotten.  If they ever check the alarm records, they will discover several times a week I have to turn around to go back in and get something I forgot. 

So I got to the grocery store, and I actually had a list that I made after reading the weekly ads.  I ran into a couple of people I know, so several conversations and almost $90 later, I came home.  I walked to the curb to pick up the mail, and realized why the lawn mowing went so quickly on Sunday.  I was doing a diagonal pattern Sunday, so I started by going through the middle.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mow the second side once I finished the first side.  I did that Sunday, and didn't even notice until today.  I pondered going out to fix it, and finally decided to close the garage door and come sit in the family room, where I can't see it. 

Sometimes I worry about my brain and how it's working and the lapses I have.  Most of the time I laugh.  I'm always grateful that my brain does work when it comes to writing, preaching, and leading....

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