Monday, September 10, 2012


This week is going to be very challenging.  All funerals/memorial services take time, but with someone so young and so well-loved, they take even longer.  I was out of the office much of the day as the family asked me to accompany them to the funeral home.  The time I have been in the office has been drop-in visitors and phone calls, most related to the death.  Fortunately, Administrative Assistant will be in tomorrow and will protect me from some of that, which will make it easier for me to get some work done.

Today was Daughter's second day at the workshop.  She just called, very happy.  Her day went well.  She more than doubled her work output.  I'm grateful.  The phone calls and drop-ins should slow down now, since the office is usually closed by now.  Maybe I can actually get some bigger tasks that require uninterrupted time done now. 

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