Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Love My Board

We had a church board meeting last night.  I truly love my board.  They are a wonderful group of people who are willing to share, struggle, and seek out new options as we move forward in ministry.  We have been reading and discussing a book, and last night the chapter we discussed talked about how too often we develop new visions, but then maintain the same activities.  The author suggested our real priority is maintenance.  I shared my frustration in the lack of participation in the classes we're offering.  As we discussed it, we realized that people are very reluctant to commit to one more thing.  As the discussion continued, we decided to try a new model beginning in January.  We will offer one time courses on a variety of spiritual and practical topics.  We will open them up to the community, and offer them at different times as we find what works best.  We're going to do something on funerals, and offer a session on estate planning.  We may explore disaster assistance, and we'll spend some time on grief.  We'll look at a variety of spiritual disciplines.  We were excited about this opportunity to explore a different way to do education.  I love the energy and ideas that come out of our board meetings. 

I've got my energy back, which is wonderful.  Daughter was at the workshop yesterday, and did well.  Have I mentioned lately that I love my life? 

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