Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Daughter is becoming increasingly independent.  She is calling me less frequently, and is taking more responsibility for her life.  Last night I was talking to some church members, and they commented on how much they've seen Daughter change and grow in the last two years.  It is very encouraging and a little scary to see her growth.  At the house, some of the staff are telling her she should be living on her own.  I still don't see that happening, but how much of that is simply me being over-protective? 

Administrative Assistant and I continue to plug away on all the work involved in preparing for this Sunday's fall program kick-off.  We are making progress, and there are lots of good things happening.  As of this week, I'm back to my 3 evenings a week at the church schedule.  It makes for some long days, but fortunately I love what I do. 

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