Friday, September 14, 2012

Catch Up

Daughter and I had eye appointments this morning, and after dropping off the recycling, I headed into the church.  I now have to do all the things I didn't make time to do this week, starting with scanning a form Far Away Sister needs to sign as Daughter's back up guardian.  It arrived Monday with an official notice that I was delinquent in filing my annual report.  I need to get that done and back to the court before I have to appear at a hearing.  I also finally sent off my computer for repairs.  The box arrived Monday, and had been sitting on a chair in my study since then. 

Administrative Assistant was working on bulletins.  Some of the property guys were in the office making buttons for the concession workers.  One had suggested Administrative Assistant could do it.  She said she threatened to throw the phone at him.  They informed me that when they saw me coming they got busy so I wouldn't think they were bugging Administrative Assistant.  Our pianist has tendinitis in her hand, and has informed us it is looking like she will need surgery.  Choir Director informed me last night that we needed to find a long term sub.  He had been calculating recovery time, and is not optimistic.  I'm trying to coordinate a meeting with the appropriate people to set a process in motion for finding someone.  It's a challenge, coordinating calendars, but we'll figure it out.

AA and I are both exhausted after 3 over full weeks.  Both of us ended up asking our daughters to stop talking last night.  Daughter is rather frustrated with me right now because I'm not much fun when I'm this exhausted. 

I need to clean the kitchen and round up all the mail that I've been ignoring all week.  I took Daughter out to lunch, and when we got back to the house, I sat down in a recliner and fell asleep.  Hopefully I'll find some energy by tomorrow. 

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