Thursday, September 6, 2012

Better Mood

Therapist emailed to ask if Daughter's mood had improved since she saw her on Tuesday.  She also wondered if I'd received my award for meanest mom of the year for telling Daughter she couldn't spend more time with me until she had a better attitude.  I assured her Daughter's mood had definitely improved.  She was talking about other living options for Daughter, but I told her no more changes for a while.  She needs to settle in at the workshop first.

Today has been a little less frantic in the office.  We have  new website and new email addresses.  Part of the password the webmaster set up for us is "newfun."  I'm sure that eventually it will be fun, but for right now it's more "newpain."  Choir starts tonight, and I hope to have all my work done for the week when I leave here this evening.  I even think it is possible.

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