Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tonight we filled a childcare position at the church.  When we advertised for it last spring, we didn't get a single response.  We tried again this fall, and hired a young woman I think will work well for us this evening.  It felt good to get that done. 

When I arrived home I decided to take some things out to the compost pile.  I turned on the switch to my new exterior light that didn't work the other day, and now it works.  When I walked past it, it came on just like it is supposed to.  I guess I did manage to connect the proper wires. 

Daughter went to the doctor without me this morning.  I told her she needed to find out what her A1C (average blood sugar) results were and remind the doctor we wanted to switch her birth control pill.  She took care of both of those items.  Her A1C was excellent.  The only problem is we'll have to reschedule her next appointment.  It's the same time as the annual review of her case plan. 

I did some commentary work for my sermon this Sunday, and am excited about some new insights I received.  It's been a good day. 

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