Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Daughter, Unhappy Mom, Busy Pastor

Daughter went to an art festival today with her program.  She tried to call and text me with a question while she was there, but I'd left my cell phone in the car, so didn't get the message until later.  She wasn't frustrated or angry.  When she called this evening, she was in a great mood.  She told me about how awesome her day had been and described some of the art she had seen.  No manipulation, no drama.  It was wonderful.

I got an email, and the group home's pharmacy is having issues with her insurance.  They are also lying to the group home.  Pharmacy said they've been notifying me of her bill for over $1500 and had told me about the problem getting her test strips covered.  I had received a bill from them recently that showed a balance of less than $1,000.  It was only the second bill I received from them.  Each time I called their billing department and the woman looked at Daughter's account and said it had been billed improperly and I didn't need to worry about the bill, she'd take care of it.  I responded to the group home with details of the bills I have received and reported the day I called and who I talked to.  I told them I didn't have time to do more right now, and they could figure it out.  I haven't had a response. 

Ministry continues to be busy.  The wife of a couple that has been married for over 60 years was diagnosed with cancer last week.  She went back into the hospital Monday, and today the family pulled all support.  She is pretty much unresponsive.  I spent some time with them this afternoon. Her husband is grieving.  It all has moved relatively quickly.  It's another loss for the congregation.  I found myself fighting back tears as I prayed with them today.  Three years ago this week my Dad died.  I led a book study tonight.  This was the third week, and the class size has more than doubled.  Administrative Assistant was right on when she said she thought the young person's death on September 8 sent a shock wave through the congregation that slowed down their getting on board with the various educational opportunities. 

It's been another busy day, and a good one. 

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