Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Addressing the Stress

Yesterday both Administrative Assistant and I were stressed.  The work was literally overwhelming.  I stayed last night and worked on the memorial service, heading home about 9:45 when I was confident I'd figured out the flow and how to fit everything in.  This morning I realized that
AA was stressing over payroll and bills.  So when she arrived this morning, I informed her I would handle the phone and deal with visitors so she could have some uninterrupted time to get those done.  I kew there would be a number of people calling this morning wanting information about the visitation today and the memorial servce tomorrow.  For the most part, that worked.  There was once when  she had to pick up a call because I was already busy with a call.  There was one call that only she could take.  But she got payroll and bills done-- though she did suggest my assistance was mercenary-- I wanted to make sure I got my paycheck. 

Once those were done, the mood lightened in the office.  I'm pretty much done with the memorial service.  The bulletin for Sunday is done.  I even have the first draft of a sermon outline.  It's something I need to keep relearning-- address the major source of stress first and other things will fall into place.  At this point, we're both confident that we will survive the week and accomplish the things that need to be accomplished.  When she went home yesterday, we weren't too sure about that....

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